Keeping an eye on new opportunities, Finas Group has been purchasing real estate proprieties  for rent and lands in different parts of Romania, especially in Cluj County, for the purpose  of initiating real estate projects.



solar energy

ARCADA was our first housing project in Cluj, a neighborhood of houses and villas with their own yards, with a customizable architectural styles. All buildings have acces to utilities, have central heating, either garage or parking and many other facilities. The villas are withdrawn from the main street and all of them provide beautiful landscapes with a great view upon the city of Cluj.


Close to the city of Cluj and within an important industrial area, the building has the potential of developing a mixed project with apartments, offices and storage places. 


Ana Aslan

A modern housing project we started in 2011 and we finished its the first stage in 2014. Ana Aslan involves 11 houses and 5 apartments worked in a rigorous way with german engineers.