Our charity event: „Vin cu dar”

In a beautiful and sunny day, we met with our friends (clients, friends and even Facebook fans) in an attempt of raising money for the children of Casa de Suflet Association. We raised 200 lei from each participant (one hundred in total) in order to be able to buy clothes and pay the school tuitions for the children. 

It all happened in our vineyard. We provided food, the autumnal atmosphere was beside us and the participants were able to see the way grapes are harvested for wine production. 

Our latest CSR activities

Welcome to our blog! Time to sum up our latest news and activities, since it's the first time and we never wrote about them, let's write them down as a list. 

• We helped the team of „The Runners Club Sports Association” to organize „Cluj International Marathon”, a well known and appreciated event in Cluj. 
• We are the proud team that helped organize the event „Cross Swimming of Lake Tarnita”. 
• We are constantly helping The Philanthropic Medical Association CHRISTIANA – supporting the social assistance program of CHRISTIANA Association – Cluj Branch.
• We collaborate with The Foundation for the Promotion of Young Artistic Talents in organizing the International Festival of Film „Comedy Cluj” held between October 10 - October 18 2009.
• We are founding shareholders The Handball Sports Club Transylvania Company. 
• And we support for the male handball team The U Cluj Sports Club. 

We could gladly give you more information about each activity, feel free to ask us about each of them using the contact form :)